Starting Monday June 4, 2018 Doggy Daycare drop off and pickup will be through the North entrance of 400 hall.  Please follow these simple rules to help things go more smoothly.

Doggy Day Care Check-In Etiquette

Keep your pet on a leash at all times.

Keep your pet near your side at all times. Do not allow your pet to wander.

Do NOT allow your pet to approach other dogs or people.

Give other daycare attendees plenty of space. Allow at least 5-10 feet between you and the next person in front or behind you. We are trying to avoid congestion in the hallway.

 These rules are for all our daycare attendees’ safety. While your dog may be friends with another in the daycare yard, the excitement at drop off can be overwhelming for some individuals. Also, not all dogs coming for daycare are allowed in the yard at the same time as others. Not everyone is a friend with the other dogs. Some pets may be leash reactive or protective of their owners. This can create fighting and tension between dogs. We want this to be a fun and safe environment for all pets and owners. Please follow these rules accordingly.

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