Interview with Cytopoint User!

Cytopoint has been a revolutionary new allergy medication for our patients! A single injection lasts 4-8 weeks against environmental allergies that make your dog itchy, scratchy, and miserable. Jackson’s owner is sharing his story with Cytopoint.

Pet Care Center (PCC): How long has Jackson been fighting allergies?

Jackson’s Owner (JO): 2 years

PCC: What symptoms did he experience?

JO: Lots or itching, red skin, and was very irritable.

PCC: How fast did the Cytopoint start working?

JO: Within a day he seemed like started to feel better.

PCC: How long did it last for him?

JO: About 2 months.

PCC: How do you feel it has impacted his life?

JO: It provides him relief from the constant itching!

PCC: Do you feel it works better than other medications used in the past (compared to Benadryl, steroids, Apoquel)?

JO: Yes, Cytopoint has been the best medication by far for his allergies and it is more cost effective.

PCC: What are a few things you like about the Cytopoint shot?

JO: It works quickly, alleviates his symptoms, and gets him feeling back to normal!

If your dog is suffering from allergies, please ask us how this product could help impact his/her life.

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