We have recreated your living room to offer your pet a home away from home. Your pet will miss you but not miss the luxury of their own room, couch, TV, wall mural, chairs, lamps, and windows. Your pet is welcome for the day, week, or longer.

Our outside play area is clean, well maintained, and completely fenced in. For weather extremes, we also offer an indoor play area with the comfort of central air and heat.

Cat Boarding:

Our cattery is the perfect feline paradise featuring an abundance of windows in a brightly colored resort setting. Your cat can bask in the sunlight while curling up in their comfortable condo. Kitty cuddle times are available so your cat can relax and stretch outside of their condo with a resort attendant. They can explore the catwalks, jungle-gym, or play with a variety of toys. For multiple cat households, we offer a luxury suite accommodation complete with furniture and a large window.

Day Care

Doggie Day Care is the perfect way for you to exercise and socialize your pets while you’re away from home. Day care is offered Monday through Friday with resort attendants supervising pets for their safety. Our three beautifully landscaped outdoor play yards are large, well-maintained areas so pets stay clean while they romp and run. For those days with extreme weather, we offer an indoor play area for all sizes of dogs. For our non-compatible guests, we offer play and pamper time with a resort attendant.

For your convenience, Pet Care Center can also provide vaccinations or treatments while your pets stay with us.

Each pet that is new to our Doggie Day Care program will go through an evaluation before being introduced to the group. They will be introduced to different dogs with different personalities and observed for certain behaviors.